Offering Technical Training in the following formats :

Lecture (3-4 Hours)

Lecture with Mini-Hands On (3-4.5 Hours) *

Extended Lecture and Full Length Hands On. (8-11 Hours)

Our most popular of these training classes is our pioneered Extended Lecture and Full Hands On, that we have been well known for in the course of our 25 years of operation.

Training Curriculum that covers all skill levels:

Mysteries of Electronic Fuel Injection

ON Board Diagnostics II

OBD-II Computer Data Modes

Mysteries of Gasoline Direct Injection (G.D.I. Domestic)

Global OBD-II  Mode $6 (modes 1-10, Overview of Flash Calibration)   * 

Lab Scope Operations *

Advanced Lab Scope Waveforms (including current ramping)

Digital Oscilloscope

Scanner Navigations *

Computer Engine Data

Electrical Theory

Diagnostic Tool Navigation *  

Component Testing 101

Millennium Diagnostics

Diagnostic Operations *

Performance Tuning

Chrysler Engine Control

Secrets of Ford Engine Control

Diesel Operations *

E.V.A.P. *

Exhaust Emissions

Dollars in Driveability (shop management)

Introduction to Body Control (TPMS info. included)*

Symptom Based Diagnosis *

V.W. Audi Scanner Operations



All Seminars can be conducted in the Lecture only format. All Seminars can be

conducted in the Extended Lecture and Full Length Hands-ON

* Indicates can be conducted in a Lecture Mini Hands-On format *




$ $ Advanced Specialty Training  ( 1 year training program) $$

        For the individual that wants to make the commitment

        to become the best he/she can in the world of




 Customized Facility Training

 Training  matched to your equipment and application or Fleet
 On Site Consulting and Training